Monday, October 8, 2012

First day of school -2012

Clearly I wrote this months ago but am going to post it as is... so I can maybe get another post or two done since I have not posted anything since JULY!

School has unfortunately started...we are actually over a week into the school year... Which is lame... I want school to start after labor day like it use to be in the good old days. Summer was way to short. A lot of parents are happy for their kids to go back to school.... I however am not. I like the relaxed schedule and the extra time with the kids.

The first day of school was the August 15th, I had to attend with Graham for kinder orientation... Which in my opinion should have been before school started ... Not the first day of school! I consider the 16th his real first day of school... Being that he stood in line and went into class without me. He did great... That being said I'm pretty sure he is the little boy who can't sit still and pesters all the little girls.