Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"What I do all day"

*i started Parker's birth story post and will post that in the next day or so. But this just had to be done. 

My eldest daughter had the nerve to ask me ... In the worlds snottiest voice " what do you even do all day."

I was really offended, upset and hurt.... Basically she thinks I am a lazy slob. So I said." I am going to write down what I do all day, as I do it so you can see . 

So here is what I did all day today...

7am made sure you and Gwen were up.  740 got up helped g get ready for school Went back to bed at 8. Fed baby 830 went back to bed until 10. ( yes I went back to bed ...I'm tired... Baby wakes Up in middle of night and I went to bed at midnight). Let dog out. Fed sgs breakfast and ate now 1030. Check bank balance. Txt a couple people! 1035. Going to poop now!(tmi.. Sorry... Just keeping it real ) Answer txts. 10:41. Deal with txts for Gwen's schedule. Fold and put away some laundry. Try to get Matt to come sign off my tickets. 1052. Called your dad. Gather maternity clothes to give back to Jenny. Change diaper ..Gather other maternity clothes to sell. Feed baby. Txt you while feeding baby. 1132. Answer door, get mail. Open mail. Talk to Owens. Matt came by to fix tickets. (Fixit tickets)Still in my robe:-/12:25 make sgs lunch. Hard boiling eggs for lunches. Making grocery list 1235 go to bathroom. change diaper while bacon for my lunch is probably burning. Cut up strawberries otherwise no one eats and they go bad. 12:54 make myself a sandwich. Remove hard boiled eggs from stove into fridge... Try to eat lunch. Parker hates that plan. Eat lunch ...flip through magazine while bouncing Parker's seat with my foot. Stop to wipe sgs bottom ....finished sandwich while holding baby. 1:11 now feeding baby and talking to auntie. 1:35 tidy up a few things. Clean doll cabinet and put on porch for lady who is buying it. Took baby upstairs with me so I could do laundry and get ready .. He hates the plan of not being held. Trying to get him to sleep. Got him to sleep1:57. Look through cabinets for products for you and Gwen 2:04. Go down stairs to appreciate sgs puzzle she worked so hard on. Back upstairs to start a load of laundry. Not enough darks .. Back down stairs to grab littles darks .. Load started 2:13 try to make my self look human. Talk to you while doing makeup, talk to Tiffanie while trying to finish makeup... Answer txts about ballet clothes for Margaret's daughter. Go potty. 2:41. Finally brush teeth(Gross I know)😝run downstairs to get dance stuff together for Margaret and bag up Jenny's maternity stuff. 2:51. Start bath water... Back to makeup ... Done finally. 2:55. Left to get Gwen 3:01 back at 3:27. Get in bath while eating a fiber bar ... Bath water is now cold ... Not fun 3:32 did get arm pits shaved at least. Help sgs with tooth paste.. Switch laundry. Get dressed. 3:41. Change diaper and load kids in car. 3:48 arrived at studio and visited with my friends while sgs danced.(yes, I spent an hour with my friends instead of doing stuff around the house) Now at gymnastics 5:24. Get home Change super poopy diaper & change baby's clothes. Get kids dinner 6:50. Grab crying baby so I can eat dinner in peace. Finished eating 704. Washed dinner plates picked up crying baby 7:09 hold grumpy baby while trying to drink glass of wine and read magazine. Try to get baby to sleep argue with Gwen 7:35. Put on sweat shirt and hold baby. Sit and hold baby while talking to you. Bathed, & dressed baby 8:27. Tucked your sibs in. Feeding baby. 842. Sold doll canbinet to lady for 20$ ...held baby in kitchen and ate nuts. 9:10Walked with your dad and Parker ...Back from walk at 10:25. Fold baby's laundry .. Make hot chocolate ...drink while folding rest of clothes ..put clothes away... pick up a few things make lunches .. Stuff some more dishes in all ready full dishwasher and run it .. Cut flat of strawberries up because first batch is all ready gone. 11:50. Wash face brush teeth get pj's on. 12:04am. Read this in bed.... Does that answer your question of what I do all day?!?!

Now I shall sleep... 12:36am 

Oh and baby woke to eat at 2:40am .. Changed his diaper and fed him and for some reason is still awake at almost 4am.  (Which is weird because he usually goes back to sleep easily)

And Scarlette has joined the party.,, woke up scared! 
I do not like being awake at 4am!!!!!!


Colima S said...

what if you two did a "freaky Friday" experiment on a weekend or something? Even after a couple hours I think she'd be overwhelmed! I know I would be! I only have myself and dogs and some days that's too much :)

Katie said...

I love this post. I get the "what do you do all day" rubbish from my husband.